Drudge News App

Tired of reading through the same headlines again and again each time you check the Drudge Report? Save time and keep up to date on the latest news with the Drudge News app.

The Drudge News app keeps track of which headlines you’ve seen. It then allows you to filter the report to only show headlines that are new. The badge on the app icon stays up to date with the number of new headlines so you always know when its time to check the report again.

When breaking or important news happens, receive a push notification.

Share articles you find through email, SMS, Facebook, or Twitter. You can also save articles for later by adding them to your Reading List.

The Drudge News app is simple, focused, and designed to provide you with the best Drudge experience possible.

Please help us make the app even better by sending feedback and suggestions to feedback@truscape.com.

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